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The Upper Neuse River Basin Association (UNRBA) was formed in 1996 to provide an ongoing forum for cooperation on water quality protection and water resource planning and management within the 770-square-mile watershed. Seven (of the 8) municipalities, 6 counties, and local Soil and Water Conservation Districts in the watershed voluntarily formed the Association.

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The Mission of the UNRBA is to preserve the water quality of the Upper Neuse River Basin through innovative and cost-effective pollution reduction strategies, and to constitute a forum to cooperate on water supply issues within the Upper Neuse River Basin by:

  1. Forming a coalition of units of local government, public and private agencies, and other interested and affected communities, organizations, businesses and individuals to secure and pool financial resources and expertise;
  2. Collecting and analyzing information and data and developing, evaluating and implementing strategies to reduce, control and manage pollutant discharge; and
  3. Providing accurate technical, management, regulatory and legal recommendations regarding the implementation of strategies and appropriate effluent limitations on discharges into the Upper Neuse River Basin.

The 1998 Executive Summary provides information on the UNRBA's goals and objectives, accomplishments to date, and examples of expected benefits to the association's members.


The following table shows the jurisdictions in the watershed, the estimated number of households in the Upper Neuse Basin, total area in the Upper Neuse Basin, and proportion of the water supply system's average daily raw water demand from Upper Neuse River water supply reservoirs as of January 2004:

JurisdictionTotal Area (acres) within Upper Neuse River Watershed (percentage of watershed area)Year 2000 Number of Households (and percentage of watershed total)Proportion of Total Public Water Supply Use (in Million Gallons per Day)
Durham County130,898(26.5%)16,820 (21.6%)N/A
Franklin County5,327(1.1%)460 (0.6%)N/A
Granville County84,726(17.2%)3,475 (4.5%)N/A
Orange County125,559(25.4%)10,330 (13.3%)N/A
Person County83,089(16.8%)3,120 (4.0%)N/A
Wake County64,088(13.0%)8,620 (11.1%)N/A
Creedmoor1,358(0.3%)370 (0.5%)0.41%
Durham24,913(5.0%)30,620 (39.3%)40.11%
Hillsborough2,482(0.5%)2,000 (2.6%)2.40%
Raleigh559(0.1%)1,170 (1.5%)53.86%
Roxboro*504(0.1%)200 (0.3%)N/A
Stem506(0.1%)65 (0.1%)N/A
Wake Forest343(0.1%)150 (0.2%)N/A
South Granville Water and Sewer AuthorityN/AN/AN/AN/A3.22%
TOTAL  79,910(100%)100%

* Roxboro is not a member of the UNRBA


Each of the thirteen member jurisdictions in the watershed, the six county Soil and Water Conservation Districts collectively, and South Granville Water and Sewer Authority elect one Director and one Alternate Director to the UNRBA Board of Directors. The Directors and Alternates are listed below:

Corporate MembersDirectorAlternate Director
Town of Butner Bill McKellar Thomas Marrow
City of Creedmoor Jimmy Minor Rick Flowe
City of Durham Cora Cole-McFadden Reginald Hicks
Durham County Ellen Reckhow Drew Cummings
Franklin County Harry Foy Scott Hammerbacher
Granville County Edgar Smoak Barry Baker
Town of Hillsborough Mike Gering Margaret Hauth
Orange County Pam Hemminger, Chair Tom Davis
Person County Jimmy Clayton Sybil Tate
City of Raleigh Randall Stegner Kenny Waldroup
Town of Stem Nancy Alford (vacant)
Wake County Ervin Portman Melinda Clark
Town of Wake Forest Scott Miles Margaret Stinnett
South Granville Water and Sewer Authority Lindsay Mize Fred Dancy

Ex Officio MembersDirectorAlternate Director
Soil and Water Conservation Districts Danielle Adams (Durham County) (vacant)




The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of the Upper Neuse River Basin Association is composed of member government staff and other stakeholders and partners with expertise in watershed & stormwater management, land & agricultural conservation, planning & development management, and water & wastewater treatment. The group meets on an ad-hoc basis to coordinate activities and advise the UNRBA Board of Directors.

Jurisdiction Members
Durham County Chris Roberts Jane Korest
Franklin County Scott Hammerbacher
Granville County Barry Baker
Orange County Tom Davis Tom Konsler Terry Hackett
Person County Paula Murphy Mitch Pergerson
Wake County Kurt Smith Melinda Clark Britt Stoddard
Town of Butner Thomas Marrow Melissa Hodges
City of Creedmoor Dave Roesler
City of Durham Sandi Wilbur John Cox Reggie Hicks Helen Youngblood
Town of Hillsborough Margaret Hauth Kenny Keel
City of Raleigh Mark Senior Amy Hathaway Ed Buchan
Town of Stem Ellen Wilkins
Town of Wake Forest Scott Miles Holly Spring



The ISC is composed of members of the Board of Directors and the Technical Advisory Committee. The ISC advises the UNRBA on implementation planning and issues.

Name Local Affiliation UNRBA Affiliation
Kent Ray City of Creedmoor Board of Directors
Tommy Craven City of Raleigh Board of Directors
George Rogers City of Raleigh, Public Utilities Technical Advisory Committee (Chair)
Nancy Newell City of Durham, Water Management Technical Advisory Committee
Patrick Young Franklin County, Planning Board of Directors
Barry Baker Granville County, Planning Technical Advisory Committee
Melinda Clark Wake County, Environmental Services Technical Advisory Committee



The UNRBA has adopted formal bylaws to guide the organization. Click here to download a copy (requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader).


Forrest Westall - UNRBA Executive Director

Forrest Westall was named Upper Neuse River Basin Association Executive Director in January 2012. Forrest's professional career spans more than 35 years and has been devoted to the wise stewardship of the water resources of North Carolina. Forrest has extensive experience in water quality management and has helped develop and administered most every aspect of NC's Water Quality Program. He has directly contributed to the development of laws, regulations and procedures that influence how the State manages surface water across the entire state.

In December 2004, Forrest retired from State government after over 28 years of service. For his significant contributions to his native State, Forrest was awarded The Order of the Long Leaf Pine in 2005. He joined McGill Associates, a respected Asheville firm, and is a Principal with the company. Forrest was appointed to the NC Environmental Management Commission in 2006 and the NC Mining Commission in 2007.

Forrest's unique experience and perspective has served him well in both the private and public sectors. In addition to advising and assisting many local governments and private clients he has served as an advisor to many non-profit, local government, and advocacy groups on environmental and natural resource issues. In 2011, Forrest was presented with a Land-of-Sky Regional Council Friend of the River Award for his careen contribution to water quality in North Carolina.

Forrest's background includes efforts to address many water quality issues in North Carolina including the Chowan River, the Neuse River, and the Cape Fear River Basins, and he helped establish many critical agency water quality management approaches such as water quality modeling, biological monitoring, the effluent toxicity program, the pretreatment program, and basinwide management planning. Forrest has been deeply involved with the development of eutrophication management in NC's inland and coastal waters since starting his career with the State. His intimate familiarity with the difficult public policy issues related to managing the development of watersheds while working to balance the need for growth with maintaining good water quality provides a solid foundation for guiding the work of the Upper Neuse River Basin Association.


Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering - North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina
Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering - North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina


Forrest Westall, UNRBA Executive Director

Phone: 919.339.3679    Fax: 828.253.5612